Father and son team Jim and Tom Paveley welcome you to Le Coly carp fishing. Le Coly is an ex quarry of 5 acres set deep in the stunning French countryside on the border of Haute Vienne and the Dordogne. Just 30 minutes away from Limoges airport and 8 minutes from the N21 highway, Le Coly is a brand new fishing complex.

Le Coly was stocked in stages during the autumn of 2013 with stunning carp ranging from 10 kg (22 lb) to 31.50 kg (70 lb). Our carp are being fed on a controlled nutritious diet with no angling pressure for 3 years, an average depth of 2.5 metres and excellent water quality. We have the ideal environment for our fish to achieve their maximum weight and become familiar with their new home.

Enjoy fishing as a group to a maximum of 4 anglers in a very peaceful and beautiful location, Le Coly is only booked as an exclusive. Drive to or fly in. Please see “our prices” for all our package options and booking information. The Le Coly cabin is somewhere to go to have a hot shower, charge essential items, store kit and valuables.

You can now book Le Coly exclusively for €980. Fantastic value for your € in the current economic climate!! Please see our “Prices” page for all our details.


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