No call from Mark at Freedom lakes but Tom had success at the saw mill at Les Trois Cerisers. I was very pleased with him for sorting this, the weather was still very cold with only the briefest glimpses of spring. We are so fed up with eking out our firewood and we weren’t sure it was possible to buy at this time of year.

Tom had arranged to collect a stere (a cubic meter) from the mill at 14.30 tomorrow. He got a good price too and a lot cheaper than we had previously researched. I was very proud of him for sorting this by himself!!!!!

More rain today and it is still cold. I’m beginning to think we are back in England. Time is flying by and we are finding it very difficult to settle into a routine. We don’t seem to ever get dinner time right as we always seem to eat very late.

I’ll chase Mark tomorrow and must make a call to find out when our digger will be delivered. I think I’ll get Donald to call about the digger as my French is not good enough to hold a conversation on the phone where I’ll understand properly. It is important to find out exactly when the digger will be delivered.

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