This morning Tom received an e-mail from Mark Beldon at Freedom Lakes stating that he had tried to phone me but I was not answering my phone. Again my mobile was showing no missed calls at all. I have now found a spot outside our house where my French mobile has an okay reception.

Having an unreliable mobile reception is beginning to drive me mad. I know this sounds stupid but it is worth walking around with your mobile to find the strongest signal. At least it will give you a point where you can make a call and send a text.

I called Mark straight away firstly apologising  for the communication mix up. We had a very good chat. Mark seems very knowledgeable and he gave me a chance to tell him about our experience, our lake and what we wanted. He explained the setup at Freedom and the relationship with Jean-Noël Retailleau and Piscivgartempe. Mark was very open with information and gave me a price for the netting. I arranged to meet Jean-Noël at Le Coly on Thursday morning at 9 am. I’ll ask Donald to invite Jean Pierre and get Donald to translate for Tom and I. Mark confirmed that it would be no problem to net the lake at the weekend and I know from my previous experience that there should be no logistical difficulties. Things are looking up and this is certainly a relief to get this sorted. Tom and I were very pleased indeed. But let’s see first what Jean-Noël has any problems and more importantly whether Tom and I are okay with him!!!

Now off to the saw mill at Les Trois Cerisers  to collect our firewood. That’s 2 significant problems sorted in one day. €4 discount from the very nice lady in the office, then followed one of the staff to the huge stack of firewood 5 minutes drive away. Weather very typical for April anywhere in Europe. Sun, showers and a cold breeze. We had planned to take the wood back to the house in the truck but had no idea if we could do the whole stere in one trip.

The guy from the saw mill was very helpful and worked quickly. He made a funny gesture when he saw the truck. I guess that means at least 2 trips. The saw mill guy passed the logs down to Tom and I to load into the truck. On my fifth log his grip slipped and the log dropped on my right hand. I managed to engage my lightning reflexes and remove my hand all but the top of my middle finger. The pain was excruciating but it was an accident and there was no blame and yes I was wearing gloves!!!!!

The saw mill guy asked if I was okay as I am sure I changed colour but like all stupid males I said it was nothing and carried on. A truck full and at least one more load to do. I took my glove off in the truck and blood was running down my wrist. The impact had managed to split the left side of my finger by the nail. Tom told me to stay at home but I couldn’t leave him to do the last load by himself. A quick wash and a plaster to hold side together while Tom unloaded and back for the next load.

That done Tom helped me to clean my finger and bandage it up so I could still do stuff. I had broken the same finger previously so I wasn’t concerned about another break but I was very worried about infection. It is more of a worry that I am now a one cack-handed worker. Very swollen but let’s see how it is tomorrow.

Firewood sorted and warmth at last and netting progress too!!!!

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