Tom and I decided to have a quick trip to the lake late morning. Definitely in avoidance of domestic stuff and fascinated to see what else is exposed by the ever receding water level. To our surprise Jean Pierre had been hard at work with some help, and the sun had come out too.

We drove up to the gite to find a hive of activity. Jean Pierre was down at the concrete tanks at the bottom of the slope where the outlet runs. He was busy digging a trench with two friends to the right of the main stream. Jean Pierre explained that he was worried about any chance of silt escaping into the main river from the draining of the lake.  There are huge fines for any type of pollution into the river systems in France.

Tom immediately volunteered to get the digger and tracked it down from the gite. I thought it would be a problem getting the digger down the steep slope. Jean Pierre guided Tom to the far end and in fact it was quite easy to track the digger down. I think Tom was very pleased to be able to do some useful work and to use his new toy too.

Jean Pierre was so worried at noon. It was his lunchtime and he didn’t want to leave Tom to finish by himself. We insisted it was okay and the diversion ditch for the silt trap was all dug and finished in an hour. Very pleased we could help Jean Pierre.

We noticed the concrete tanks had been lined with plastic. This must be to hold the fish from the lake once it had been netted (see the photo below) tomorrow.

Le Coly 024

A quick lap of the lake and back home to do what we should be doing!!!!

As it was such a nice evening Tom took Oscar for a late walk around the lake. When he came home he was quite shocked by what he had seen.

There were at least 15 guys surrounded by outside lights powered by a generator. Tom, and good on him, asked the first guy he met if Jean Pierre knew they were there. Two of the guys confirmed that they had Jean Pierre’s permission. But to do what we were not sure. We guessed this group must be trying to collect the fish from the lake. The water level was now down to a small pool at the outlet end so they must be trying to catch the fish and put them in the holding tanks.

I must admit Tom and I both felt angry. We weren’t told about this and what was the point when the lake was being netted tomorrow. But I must remember it is not my lake yet and I am not interested in any of the current stock. Please remember that most French view the fish as food, we as carp fishermen have a totally different approach to handling fish. Looking forward to the netting tomorrow.

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