2014 reports

Saturday 1 March 2014 to Sunday 2 March 2014

Owners Jim and Tom Paveley fished a quick over-nighter on Saturday. Both in the “Father & Son” swim. Tom persuaded his Dad to give it a go after hard day’s work on the lake. A warm sunny day and a drop in the cool south-easterly wind Tom felt very positive after seeing a few fish moving around the lake that day. The weather has been so wet since the new year and cool too, with very blustery winds.

At 8.30 that evening Jim had a slow take. After a 20 minute hard fight under the rod tip Jim landed a stunning 23 kg (51 lb) mirror known as Rosy. Fishing 30 meters out to a plateau to the right of “Father and Son”  the fish fell to a snowman setup. A Carp Company 20 mm Icelandic Red topped off with a 10 mm Caviar and Cranberry yellow popup. Loose feeding the carp pellets that Le Coly’s fish have been fed all winter. This catch beats Jim’s previous best by 8 lb.

Tom was woken by a screaming run at 5 am. A quality fight and after 30 minutes his Dad netted a stunning mirror ” Cut Tail” at 21 kg (47 lb) after  the frozen landing net was prised from the bank. The temperature had dropped to  -2 c. The fish fell to a single squid and octopus 20 mm bottom bait cast to the up slope of the opposite bank. This smashes Tom’s previous by 10 lb. Two takes and two fish, quality fishing considering the weather.

Both fish were handled, weighed and photographed in the water to comply with Le Coly’s handling rules. Much calmer in the water and so much safer for the fish.

Jim and Tom were ecstatic with their catches. More so when Tom checked the fish against Le Coly’s stocking records. Rosy had piled on an incredible 5 kg (12 lb) and Cut Tail had gained 3 kg (7 lb). Winter feeding and fantastic water quality!!!!! Both fish were is superb condition and had stunning winter colours.

What a start to Le Coly’s first year!!!!!!!

Friday 7 March 2014 to Saturday 8 March 2014

Jim Paveley had another over-nighter on Friday. His son Tom couldn’t make it this time. A mate over from England and a pool league match. The weather had settled down to sunshine all day with cold nights. The wind had dropped too but was still chilly from the north-east.

Jim fishing the “Father and son” swim again had another stunner off the same spot using exactly the same method and bait. 20 mm Carp Company Ice-red with 10 mm Cranberry and Caviar 10 mm yellow pop-up. This time “The Jelly Common” at 40 pounds (18 kilos) and was in superb condition. That’s a personal best common carp for Jim by 3 pounds and he has now 2 personal best catches in the last two trips. Keep it up Jim!!!!!!!!!

It was a stunning sunrise to add to truly exhilarating early morning at Le Coly.

Catch report in Carp-Talk 19-25 March 2014 Issue 1012 page 40

Mag and stuff 020

Jim and Tom Paveley issue 1012, weight should be 51 lb 6 ounces

Thursday 13 March 2014 to Friday 14 March 2014

Another over-night session by Jim Paveley. Fishing 50 meters out and 3 rod lengths off the point from the “Father & son” swim. Jim had a screaming run at 7.30 in the morning. After a good scrap he netted a mirror of 31 pounds in superb condition. Jim was very pleased with this one as it was his first fish that had fallen to a choddy from Le Coly.

A 20 mm Icelandic red pop-up did the business supplemented by a scattering of Le Coly carp pellets. Jim said “From the fight the fish are beginning to wake up. Not surprising considering the warm sunny weather we have had the last two weeks. Couldn’t turn this one and was very worried when line continued to rip off the spool. I took a chance to turn the fish as it was going too far right at a rate of knots and I was very worried about the tree on my right”.

Apologies for the photo.

Mirror march 14 006

31 pound (14 kg) mirror carp – poor photo but cracking scale pattern.

Wednesday 30 April 2014 to 1 May 2014

Jim Paveley on a quick over-nighter from the Quarry. Weather was very changeable, rain,sun and a blustery north wind, with a cool night. First time the Quarry has been fished and it was an immediate success for Jim, but he could have had better!!!!!

Jim landed a 32 pound (14 kg) mirror carp on the same setup as before. 20 mm icelandic red topped off with a cranberry and caviar white popup. Jim said “I had been watching the fish in the snag over the last couple of weeks. It was too dangerous to fish on the snag but I had seen several of our big fish coming into the spot from open water. So I decided to place a bait with a few of our pellets two rod lengths from the top of the snag setting a trap hopefully as they swan in!!!! Not only did I get a take but it immediately headed for open water. Another great fish in fantastic condition and a very good fight too. I was very pleased with this session, a new swim and  a bite of each of the 3 spots I was fishing. Poor angling on my part though as I should have landed at least one other. The view from the elevated swim was awesome, the angler has a birds eye view of the lake”.

Fish and lake 009

View of The Quarry from the elevated platform.

Fish and lake 016

32 pound mirror (14 kg) from the Quarry

Saturday 17 May 2014 to Sunday 18 May 2014

Sean Kinsley fishing over-night in the Father and Son had and Owner Jim Paveley joined Sean fishing in the Quarry for the second time. Both these swims provides the most water and are near each other so any help with a fish is close by.

Sean’s rods had been on their spots for 2 hours when his left-hand rod ripped off from the point directly in front of the left hand double swim. The sun was setting over Le Coly and it was a beautiful calm evening. A cracking fight, landing a stunning dark gold common of 46 pound (19 kg). An immediate personal best common for Sean!! Then 15 minutes later from the same spot a 29 pound mirror carp. What a start to Sean’s first visit to Le Coly!!

Sean had seen fish show after baiting an area off the point with wheat and Le Coly carp pellets. Jim had been at the lake early that morning and noticed a couple of areas that may produce bites. “There had been a strong south westerly all week with lots of sunshine and the point was looking very good. Slightly sheltered and has the benefit of natural flow of warmer water. I fancied this spot myself but of course I strongly recommended it to Sean. Both Tom and I wanted him to catch and we were slightly concerned that the fish were about to spawn. But we needn’t have worried.”

Jim’ first 2 takes followed the same pattern as Sean’s. Although these happened in the early hours of Sunday morning. A mirror carp of 29 pound and followed very quickly by a powerhouse 44 pound (20 kg) mirror.  The remainder of the early morning was quiet for both anglers until the sun broke through. Jim said “This took me completely by surprise!! I thought we stood a lot less chance of another fish in the hot sunshine but it was the opposite. Around noon the far bank was like a jacuzzi opposite both our swims. I walked around and scattered some wheat and Le Coly pellets about 2 rod lengths off the opposite bank. I had just got back to the swim when fish started to show over the bait. At a guess this was a big feed before spawning!!”

First in was Sean with another stunning mirror of 46 pound (21kg) shortly followed by another bar of gold sovereigns, a common of  36 pound (16 kg). Jim then landed a golden mirror of  38 pound (17 kg). Sean ended his session with mirrors of 35 pound (16 kg) and 39 pound (17kg). Jim went on to land two more mirrors of 38 pound (17 kg) and an absolute stunner at 35 pound (16 kg). A big thanks to Tom for the great photo.

Jim said at the end of the session “Both Tom and I are so pleased for Sean and his personal best common too. He has already booked for the weekend although this may be interrupted by spawning. Pleased to have the chance to take a closer look at our fish after stocking. All were in great condition and may be a few more weeks away from spawning. Very pleased with Tom’s own recipe fresh liver boilies and will put this on our Le Coly bait list. These got me all my fish!!!!”

Watch out for Sean’s next visit!

Friday 23 May 2014 to Sunday 25 May 2014

Sean Kinsley joined Jim and Tom Paveley for a weekend’s fishing. Sean in the Quarry, with Jim (left side) and Tom (right side) fishing the Father and Son. Totally different weather conditions with a strong southwesterly bringing heavy showers during most of the afternoon. The temperature had dropped to a chilly 16 c and the damp air made it feel a lot colder.

Jim had seen fish feeding on the far margin opposite the Quarry but the persistent heavy rain and strong wind seemed to have stopped any fish activity. Not a single fish had shown since early evening and there was no break in the wet weather. Nothing until first light when Jim’s middle rod screamed off from the point. A fierce fight and 20 minutes later a mirror of 35 pound (17 kg) in the net but immediately a screaming run on the right-hand rod. A common of 32 pound (15 kg)!! That’s two fish in half an hour!!!!

The weather was better. Drizzle to sunny showers and a much calmer wind. A lot warmer than the previous day. Nothing else until mid morning when Sean had two fish from the Quarry’s opposite bank, a  common of 29 pound (13 kg) and Le Coly’s “only a mother could love” mirror of 36 pound (16 kg) called “Fugly”. The rest of the day was quiet until Tom spotted movement on the far bank. Casting to the opposite bank and placing his rig on the bottom slope of the margin where feeding fish had shown. Tom had two fish in 40 minutes, a mirror of 34 pound 15 kg) and a crock of gold common at 36 pound (17 kg). This frenzied activity was followed by a cool calm night with no further bites.

First light was another cracker. Jim  landing two fish again in an hour. The first was one of the unique “to be named fish” in Le Coly. The colours are extraordinary and a real grower at 41 pounds (17 kg). Shortly after another uniquely scaled mirror of 38 pound (17 kg). Then finally for Tom a hard fighting mirror 35 pound (16 kg) that fought so hard that both Tom and Jim thought it was the “Dustman”. Jim said “Another quality session Sean and very pleased he caught another two!!!! Shame he couldn’t do the second night. Very pleased with “Two Tone” but we must think of another name for such a stunning fish. We all worked hard for bites this session as the weather was starting and stopping the fish feeding”. All Jim and Tom’s fish were caught on Le Coly’s fresh liver boilies

Thursday 5 June 2014 to Saturday 7 June 2014

Jim and Tom Paveley fished 2 nights with Robin as a way of thanks for all Robin’s hard work that week. Joined on the second night by regular Sean Kinsley. Good weather with a south-westerly breeze, cloud with lots of sunshine on Friday.

Jim and Robin fished the Father and Son with Tom in the Quarry. Jim had a fantastic session having 6 carp from 28 pound (13 kg) to 42 pound (19 kg). Both Tom and Robin were rewarded by their consistency with a fish each. Robin smashed his personal best with a 37 pound (16 kg) common in stunning condition and Tom landed a hard fighting 31 pound (14 kg) mirror from the far bank of the Quarry. Sean immediately had a mirror of 34 pound (16 kg) from The Pads.

Jim said ” I thought Tom and Robin would be into the fish as we had seen movement in their swims all week but I was catching all day on Friday. I was very surprised that my swim was smashed it!! Tom and Robin had to work very hard for their fish!!! Tom’s fresh liver boilies did it for me again. Both Tom and I were so pleased for Robin, one fish and a personal best. Looking forward to Robin and his friend’s return in September. We will give the fish a rest now for a few weeks to allow them to have their spawning in peace”.

Tuesday 26 September 2014 to Wednesday 27 September 2014

Owners Jim and Tom Paveley had not fished Le Coly together since  June. Work is extremely busy and the owners continue to make progress on their new clubhouse, please see the Le Coly Facebook page “Le Coly Carp fishing France for all the latest news. Joining them on this trip were Tom’s girlfriend Sam and her son Anthony. Tom set up camp in the Father & Son swim and Jim in the Quarry.

A sunny day with a strong cool breeze from the north-east. At best 18 C followed by a cloudless chilly evening!! Not many fish seen about the lake that day. Although there was some visible feeding it was a lot less than the weekend.

Tom’s left rod roared off just after 11 pm. After a hard fight mostly under his rod tip he banked Two Tone at 41 pound (17 kg). Apologies for the clarity of the photo. The late evening was cold enough to drain Jim’s camera of battery power. Well done Anthony for the photo!!!

The next few hours no action but plenty of fish crashing opposite the far bank. At 1.30 Tom’s same rod roared off yet again. A very hard fight across the swim and down the right margin where Tom did exceptionally well. Navigating the fish under his other rods and then out of a snag in the right margin. Tom landed the fish under a tree to the right of the swim. Great work with the net Sam!!!  Another fine specimen of Le Coly mirror carp at 42 pound (19 kg).

That was the last fish caught. Jim had nothing in the Quarry apart from a few liners mid evening. Owner Jim Paveley said “I thought we were in for a very good session and how wrong was I!!! Nothing from the usual feeding spots in the Quarry but Tom snared 2 good fish from the left channel of the Father and Son with just a PVA stick. That was good angling by Tom. We noticed a few big fish showing over that spot during the last few weeks.

I was baiting moderately and had only a few liners. The cold wind and cold clear nights could have put the carp off feeding. Although we have had some very warm weather and with this sudden change may have confused the carp enough to stop feeding. But that’s fishing and I hope the carp come on the feed for Sean and his mates for Friday.

Friday 26 September 2014 to Saturday 27 September 2014

Sean Kinsley returning for the fourth time with fishing mate Dave Dell and son Matt. Owner Jim Paveley was on site too for the night. Not fishing but to provide as much help as possible to Dave and Matt during their first session on Le Coly.

Sean set up in the Quarry with Dave (left) and Matt (right) fishing in the Father and Son double swim. Again a bright sunny day with a very cool breeze and a clear night. A few liners but nothing alarming!! The sound of active fish was everywhere but again no feeding. Dave and Sean had baited a couple of spots with a few particles and Le Coly pellet from both swims. Jim had passed on the experience from the previous session and suggested light feeding may be until fish are known to be in that area. Also a PVA stick or bag may be worth a try!!!!!

Everyone turned in at 1.30. Bed time signaled by Sean’s false alarm banking a small mirror from the far margin. No more action during the night. At dawn spots were again lightly baited and rods recast.

As soon as the first sunlight hit the water Matt’s rod ripped off. A cracking fight in front of the swim Jim netted dark silver common. Matt’s first time handling carp in the water although he handled every aspect with such calmness it seemed he had years of experience. Matt smashed his personal best with his first carp from Le Coly with a 43 pound (19.5 kg) common. Within 10 minutes of Matt’s fish Sean was into a big carp from the far margin. After a good fight he banked a 38 pound  (17 kg) mirror in beautiful condition. As Jim was helping Sean weigh his catch, Dave’s right rod leaped into life with a searing run from the point. Another classic Le Coly fight and into the net slipped Dave’s personal best mirror of 40 pound (18 kg). Another great job by Dave handling the fish. That was 3 fish in less than 40 minutes and two personal best’s smashed again for another Father and Son in the Father and Son swim at Le Coly!!!!

The whole lake was bathed in warm sunshine with a light breeze across Le Coly from the west. 24 C was forecast for the afternoon. It was Matt in again just before mid day. Banking a bar of gold common carp at 33 pound (15 kg).

Jim Paveley was very pleased for Dave and son Matt. “A fantastic result for our lake and the guys. They stuck at it and were rewarded with stunning fish and personal best catches too. Both Dave and Matt enjoyed their experience of handling catches in the water. Both the guys were very calm which makes handling of the fish so much easier. Although the fish are so much more docile in the water than on the bank. The guys were amazed at how much calmer the fish are handled in the water. Pleased for Sean too, a cracking mirror and another grower. Very pleased with the condition of the fish and got some cracking photos. I think it was the warmth from the sun that started the feeding. I thoroughly enjoyed helping out and I hope to welcome the guys back soon.”

More test fishing this weekend 4 and 5 October so watch this space……………..

 Saturday 4 October 2014 to Sunday 5 October 2014

Owner Jim Paveley fished 24 hours in the left side of the Father and Son. Joined for the first first afternoon and evening by Boyd Daniels fishing on the right of the swim.

The weather was forecast to change Saturday evening with rain to mid morning on Sunday. The cold breeze had disappeared and turned into a light warm wind from the east. By 6 in the evening the surface of the lake was like glass. Not ideal conditions but the warmth had remained from the day and a gradual drop in pressure was forecast for the late evening obviously to accompany the rain!!

Jim’s  left rod ripped off at around 4 pm from mid channel towards the Margins swim. Nothing more than a choddy with a 20 mm Icelandic Red popup with a small PVA stick of Le Coly pellets. A good fight ending with Jim landing a 33 pound (15 kg) mirror carp. Quiet until just before 7 in the evening when Jim’s right rod went from the point. He had set up a spot  about 3 rod lengths off the point with a marker float, with some light pre-baiting that afternoon of particle and Le Coly pellets.

Jim was into a hard battle under his rod tip when his middle rod  roared off from the baited spot. A double take 2 more mirrors of 35 pounds (16 kg) and 37 pounds (17 kg) in fantastic condition. As Boyd left Jim to it at around 10 pm the rain started. Nothing further during the night.

The morning was miserable with cloud and heavy drizzle. Jim baited the point at first light with around 4 kg of wheat, maize and Le Coly pellet spreading the bait over a wide area from the bank. The left rod in the channel was moved to the right of the baited spot so now all three were in a line off the point. Just before 8 Jim’s left rod roared off, taking line and running hard through the center of the lake to the far bank. Jim managed to turn it to then have the fish kite hard back across down to the island. Then after a hard 15 minute fight  a perfect dark golden common of 26 pound (12 kg) slipped into the net. Drizzle was still falling and it was set to be a very dreary day. The temperature had dropped to an autumnal 18 C with a gentle breeze from the west.

No more action until early afternoon when Jim’s middle rod flat-lined from the point. After a cracking fight Jim netted a stunning 40 pound (18 kg) mirror. Fish were beginning to show on the far bank and in front of the swim. Just after 3 in the afternoon Jim’s middle rod was away!!!!! After a terrific fight and another stunning Le Coly mirror of 36 pounds (16 kg).

Fantastic fishing at Le Coly again!!!! That’s mirrors of 33, 35, 36, 37, 40 and a common of 26 pounds in 24 hours.

Jim said ” Big thanks to Boyd who was involved in playing 2 of my fish!!! Very pleased he was here for the double take. I thought seriously about baiting heavily but stuck to light feeding over a wide area. Very pleased with the first fish from the channel. It was only out there 15 minutes before it ripped off. Just a PVA stick and a choddy!!!! A big thanks to Boyd and Tom for the help and photos”.

Fantastic fishing at Le Coly the last 2 weeks and more test fishing during the next 3 weeks. So watch this space!!!!!!!



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