Le Coly

Le Coly was dug by the previous owner in the 70’s on the site of an old granite quarry. The entrance to the lake is flanked by shear granite cliffs adding a dramatic contrast to the natural woodland of oak and chestnut trees at Le Coly’s entrance.

Swim map

The lake is 4.5 acres and is an unusual Y shape.  The depth ranges from a maximum of 14 feet to a minimum of 3 feet. The average depth is 2.5 meters (8 feet) and is completely free of any weed or algae. It contains numerous features to challenge the most experienced angler. Plateaus, deep troughs of an old river bed, silty and sandy areas and over-hanging margins are but a few of the natural features.

The owners had Le Coly drained and netted in April 2013 and again in 2016 to control the stock and remove silvers etc. They have also had the advantage of observing the lake during the first year before stocking and then another 2 years before opening as a carp fishery. The water-level remains constant even during the height of summer due to the continual flow of fresh water into the lake, which also makes our water quality exceptional. Please see our blog Saturday 13 April 2013, our fish, and our Facebook page for our netting November 2016.

Together with the building of the swims, 8 in total (4 singles and 2 doubles), including a new double added in the winter 2016, the owners have embarked on a program of planting during 3 Autumns of both the margins and the banks. Combined with a netting every 3 years and an ongoing improvement program Le Coly is fast becoming one of the top French carp fishery’s. Every swim has been constructed from our own natural materials to fit in with Le Coly’s picturesque surroundings. They have been designed to provide adequate space and to allow the best access to each particular swims’ features.

Below is a gallery of each swim with views of its construction and water available.


Father and Son

The Margin


The Pads






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