Our fish

We carefully planned our stocking during the late summer of 2013.

Having decided on a weight to area of water ratio we then planned a structure and hierarchy of carp in age against weight. We also took into account our first experience of a summer’s weather conditions and the affect on Le Coly’s water quality.

The stock was introduced in stages from late September 2013 to November 2013, with our final stocking during the autumn of 2017. Our stock are fed throughout the year with a balanced nutritional diet. Obese carp are not healthy carp so nutrition is very important for healthy growth.

Our stock now consists of 60 carp with at least 17 fish over 50 lb (23 kg) and 3 carp over 60 lb (27 kg). See our catch Gallery for 2017 for the latest captures of our magnificent carp.

The selected photos of our fish were taken by Jim Paveley, his son Tom and fish farmer Remi Landez handling the fish.

The weight of the fish was taken immediately before stocking.



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