• 3 rods maximum per angler.
  • All hooks must be micro barb or barbless.
  • No braided main lines.
  • No leaders of any kind, tubing must be used.
  • Minimum breaking strain is 8 kg or 15 lb.
  • All rigs must allow fish to free themselves in case of a breakage. Rig checks will be carried out.
  • No lead core.
  • No plastic baits of  any kind.
  • No zig rigs
  • No Goo to be used.
  • Bait-boats are allowed.
  • Anglers must report any snagged fish or lost tackle immediately. The safety of our fish and our wildlife is of paramount importance.
  • Do not leave rods unattended under any circumstances.
  • Whole tiger nuts and peanuts are strictly forbidden.
  • Particles are only to be used from April to October and are provided by the fishery only. These are freshly prepared so please order when booking. Please see our Prices page under “Bait”.
  • Landing mats, weigh slings and landing nets are provided in every swim.
  • Our fish must be treated with care. Please apply antiseptic to all hook holds. We have antiseptic available for purchase in our clubhouse.
  • All our fish must be weighed and photographed in the water. Special landing stations have been built in every swim.
  • All fish must be released immediately. NO sacking of fish. Please do not hesitate to ask for any help with night photos, our staff are available at any time.
  • The row boat is for the sole use of our staff.
  • Please dispose of all litter and all cigarette buts in the bins provided. Littering will not be tolerated.
  • Dogs are allowed at the fishery’s discretion. Please discuss with Le Coly when booking.
  • Alcohol is permitted in moderation, drunkenness will not be tolerated. Our banks have steep drops and caution must be used at all times.

Please respect our rules. These are designed for the safety of our fish and our anglers. Any infringement of our rules may result in being asked to leave the venue with no refund.


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