The lake

Le Coly is booked on an exclusive for up to a maximum of 4 anglers.

€1,200 a week, We are now providing a lake exclusive for a special offer of €980 (approximately £215 each for a group of 4 anglers). This offer applies to bookings for 2019 and 2020

Our week starts on Saturday at noon and ends on Saturday at 11 am. All swims have to be vacated by 10 am.

Our terms and conditions

  1. Once your dates have been agreed, your booking will be confirmed upon receipt of a 50% down payment payable within 14 days of booking. If the deposit is not received within 14 days, the dates will be automatically be re-released for sale ◊ 50% deposit – lake only is €490 (exclusive offer) ◊ 50% deposit – for each food package is €75.00
  2. All deposits are non-refundable.
  3. The remaining balance must be paid in full on your arrival. The remaining balance will be confirmed and agreed upon your booking confirmation once the deposit is paid. 
  4. We will always endeavour to respond to enquiries the same day.
  5. Bookings are from Saturday noon to the following Saturday at 11 am. Please do not arrive before noon. 
  6. In the case of cancellation 2 months within the date of your trip, the remaining balance becomes immediately due.
  7. Booking dates are not transferable.


Our packages include breakfast and dinner. Please see Le Coly menu for food choices and details.

€150 per person per week.

We will ask you for your menu selection for your party’s week (by e-mail) no later than 7 days prior to your arrive.

We have collect and drop-off service to and from Limoges airport. It is 30 mins from Le Coly. We hire a complete set of kit for each angler for €95.00 per week. No deposit required.

Hire includes: 3 rods (Sonic SKS 12 ft 3 lb. test), marker/spod rod, bivvy, bedchair, chair, bivvy light, sticks or pod, scales, weigh-sling, landing mat, landing net and waders. Please bring your own reels, alarms including any receiver, end tackle, sleeping bag and pillow.

We can supply a disposable sleeping bag (locally sourced) for a charge. There are tea making kits (stove supplied with 2 gaz canisters, kettle, mug, milk, sugar) supplied for €20.

We ask anglers to bring their end tackle, reels, alarms, pillow and sleeping bag (we can provide a disposable bag as above. We will also have some end tackle for sale but we prefer that anglers bring their own.


We are currently in negotiations to provide boilies. 

Maize – €10 per 5 kg

Wheat – €12 per 5 kg

Hemp – €25 per 5 kg

Chili Hemp – €28 per 5 kg

All weights per kg are based on uncooked seeds

Carp pellets 10 mm –  €5 per kg and €20 per 5 kg 

We contact client’s by e-mail 35 days prior to their arrival date to take any bait orders


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